Oxford Revisited

Being idle and away from family has put me in a kind of agony, which cannot be expressed. I could not find better way of beating this stress caused by loneliness, but blogging. Not only I decided to write but also read some very interesting blogs posted in this forum (was not much interested in reading and writing earlier). This brought two benefits to me; first, I was caught amidst beautiful blogs that induced positive thoughts and information on variety of topics and next for a selfish reason of evading negative thoughts. In a way, it was an attempt to reconcile with myself.

For a budding writer, there are loads to be written. This time I am sharing my thoughts of this beautiful place I visited in Oxfordshire County in England, well known for the famous dictionary. My first visit to Oxford was a day trip. Out on a sunny day along with few friends was indeed a good way to explore. For many of them along with me, I suppose it was the company of each other that mattered but for me, there was something else I was craving for. It was my quest for something new to be seen, heard or told. The place for its universally famous university had many more good things I seen and heard.

After disembarking from the coach that carried nearly 60 students (I was then pursing masters), we were let off to wander, after being reminded to get back to the same spot. Holding the printout of the map, I identified few spots to be visited in an order and within the time frame. At first, I walked to the science museum, right in the heart of town center, where I had small knowledge enhancement session on ancient time keeping methods and devices, invented by rulers from different parts of the world that was well preserved. Adjacent to it, was the Sheldonian theatre where few scenes for Harry Potter were shot. Post few photo sessions of the magnificent building, I ran right opposite, happy to be photographed in front of the Bridge of Sighs & Radcliffe Camera. Why was I happy? This is where one of songs for the movie Desi Boys was shot. Not much know to people outside India, it’s a Bollywood film. Importantly, I am a huge fan of the lead star Akshay since my childhood. I also visited the Trinity College Campus, spending a few pounds which other felt were not worth. But for me, it was all about Akshay. Ooops I Love him….  (the movie was also shot in Trinity College)

Sheldonian theatre

Bridge of Sighs

Trinity College

Radcliffe Camera

Moving on, I was already feeling tired (not used to walking more than 15-20 mins) and heard little sound coming straight from my tummy. It was break time for me! Food, another area that I was willing to explore, was inviting me to try something different in taste and looks. Walking past the Radcliffe, I located a small shop that was colorful with variety of food that I could hardly name. The first thing that caught my eye was Olives……Olives & Olives. I just love them…marinated in mint, stuffed with garlic, dried tomato….the choices that I could make were pretty good. So I packed a 100gm of olives while my fellow travelers chose a Cheese Panini, which was one of the best I had. (I was offered to taste the Panini)

Colourful Olives Marinated

The menu

Enjoying the olives to the fullest, I was heading to the riverside, where the Punts were parked below the Magdalen Bridge. With the desire to take the ride, I went only to return in dismay for not being able to afford the ride, with a limited budget in hand. Crossing the street, near the river, I was in small garden at the entrance of Botanic Garden. Like a fairy tale, I was lost amidst the river side, floating ducks, nature lovers, photographer, university building and cheerful crowd. The light was getting dimmer; I knew I had to pick up speed to get hold of few more good memories.

By the riverside

Quickly coming out of the garden, I took a stroll to the town center. The crowd was lively……with all the shops pretty much same as in most town centers in the UK. Oxford too was lined up with M&S, Primark, Debenhams, Pret A Manger, Sainsbury, Tesco, MacDonald’s, KFC and list goes on. I was keen on visiting the local market to find something special…… The market was colorful, street seller beautifully arranged their stuff and calling out loud inviting to buy the goods. I picked some cherries for a good deal before coming out. I had to head to the point where the coach stops. Having half an hour at my disposal, I quickly spotted a book store for children. Destined to pick something for my 5 year old son, I spotted a book on “Spiderman”. I bought the book and walked to the coach station point to return home.

@ Oxford local market

Colours @ Oxford local market

There came an end to a lovely day but with an ardent will to visit gain. After nearly Six months, I made a recent and sudden trip to Oxford in mid of May 2012. I walked past the streets and buildings that I been earlier only to refresh my memories. Between, I popped into the store to pick some Olives and relished a Goat’s Cheese Panini too.

It’s not the first time that I enjoyed revisiting any place……..I believe that’s a completing satisfying experience that many of us unwind. Here are some picture……enjoy!

Busy town centre



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