A brand new year kicks off with colors.

Namaste dear friends!

Like most other countries, in India too celebrating New Year is now a fashion, whilst showing off one’s own status or network. These celebrations, I see are a platform for many aspiring young to meet new people and make friends through their group of friends. Thanks to the diverse culture and religions, the number of festivals are many keeping many of us together all through the year. As most of us here in India start getting normal from the very holiday or enjoyment mood post New Year celebrations; there awaits another call for reunion and celebration in mid January. Technically, the first festival of the year that has different names across different parts of the country for varied reasons. In south, where I live people celebrate it as Pongal or Makar Sankranthi which is the harvest festival. The same is popular as Lohri in north. I made sure to click some pictures of the Rangoli, which is a colorful drawing made on this particular day in front of the house of most hindus. I was adamant to walk along our street to capture the beautiful drawings that are made of a white powder and then filled with colors. The last photo is the rangoli made by me.

I hope each one of you stopping by here is enjoying this.

20130114_154655 20130114_154641 20130114_154521 20130114_154259 20130114_154239 20130114_154151 20130114_154140(0) 20130113_084854

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