Isle of Wight – The last Part

Hello Friends,

After really long, unlike most of you who are super good in writing and posting amazing stuff, which I will be down the lane; Here’s my last piece on Isle of wight. For those who have seen my earlier post and pics the intention of me splitting this portion to parts should have been clear. Yet, for those who are here for the first time…..let me tell you…i am madly and deeply in love with this place. Like one of my friend who said it….by writing I am rewinding my memories to be retold to many, specially to my children and great grandchildren of my wonderful little experience at a later point.

Now, here are few really really “sweet” pictures from my life………


2 thoughts on “Isle of Wight – The last Part

    • Yes i did…infact for me… was the best place in the world…though I am yet to put my foot print at many more places……Should you get a chance…please do visit.

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