Polluted world or people?

Virtually the idea of blogging is a brilliant way to fuel one’s own interest whilst getting interested in other areas through the art of understanding others work. I know it now and I bet there are many of you who agree. Lately, it is to me to bring down my stress levels. The emotional tide has been a bit higher very recently. I know this mental agitation did much delay in posting my last part of Isle of Wight. Nevertheless, I am happy to be back on track. This just happened easily, partly because of my husband and partly because I was pushing hard ( pues…this is the tough though). Towards end of December, on a  cold night waiting for my husband I couldn’t stop from looking at pending list of thoughts that lined up to be written. It’s getting a little exciting.

My horario, list’s pollution as the immediate agenda, the first thing that struck me was traffic. With a little occupied amidst house hold chores, I rarely get out to the mid of the city to experience traffic related chaos. Yet, occasionally I am forced to be there. Hyderabad’s traffic is getting worst with each passing day and so does the pollution. A small tale goes that, “if you are able to drive/ride perfectly in Hyderabad” then you can get off to any part of the country. Pues, that’s because the planning and traffic management is so bad that one can expect riders from opposite direction in the same lane. I am so much used to it for I have years of experience riding around here. So, I claim to be a very good rider. However, that’s not my concern at this very point.

Anyone new to city, would see lot of men covered in helmet and women wrapping themselves with scarf, not because it’s safe but just not to breathe in the filth. I am wondering are we going to be China???? No I don’t want to be. Very often Beijing and now Shanghai show themselves in headlines for smog and pollution issues. Businesses are affected, importantly people’s health. How are we going to cope with it? On my return flight from Shanghai, the gentleman next to me, one Mr.Lawrence who is now in touch with me, first looked at the pollution index in the city as he started to read the newspaper. It was new to me since I never came across something of that sought at least in the local daily. Nevertheless, I am quite positive to see a similar one very soon. At least, hoping the awareness will impact to a infinitesimal percentage of the population. I remember reading about the polluted cities in the world and ashamed that four Indian cities were listed, whereas the top 25 listed only one Chinese city. So here I have already answered my own doubt. We are ahead of China. Sadly not many are aware of the rubbish accumulated and the danger accompanying it. What makes us ahead of China is the fact that there are no policies framed to have power over contamination. Though I was never uptight to research how many private voluntary and non-voluntary organizations are working towards environmental issues in China, I know of numerous voluntary organizations here who are working hard.  But a stricter regulation passed in this regard will bring enormous change. Undoubtedly, the path is a tougher one for we are polluted by corrupted minds.

Pour in your thoughts.


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