My First Bucket List

Since this afternoon, I have been publicizing to everyone around me about the 8 day vacation time, off from work. While I am still wondering, it’s not dreamlike, allow me to let the reason out. Since the time I started to work, I was off and on shuttling between two cities with little time for myself. I would rather say no time for myself. Yes, these Eight days are just mine, irrespective of the fact that I am not scheduling any trip around. It gives me delight that I am going to do what I like. I did laze off this afternoon doing utterly nothing but making a list right at the top of my head.

Habitually, it is in me to list things out that are on priority, they are all general, household or family related but, not today. Like many of you, I have a wish list not just one but varied categories that yet to classify those.

To begin with, I am going kick start with “Travel”, my all time desired word or call it expression, to be more precise. Since, my inquiries are limited as yet; I decided to catalog countries to begin with. Here they are…

>India-My own beautiful country that is so big, which will be a separate topic on its own.

>United Kingdom-I regret for not using opportunities, whilst my stay despite covering few places. I hoping to get back with my family.

>Turkey-Always felt that the tombs, streets, food, hot water springs and beaches are waiting to see me.

>Norway-From the time, I seen pictures of stunning valleys and passing rivers with sailing cruise, this is on.

>Switzerland-Two reason that pushed this magnificent place to be in my wish list is: (1) Snow and (2) Picturesque scenes from two movies (A Hindi movie “Ajnabee” and a Telugu movie “Darling”)

>Italy-Ever since, I knew of a place called “Italy” all I wanted to do is go for a gondola ride with my love while I can hear my favorite song being played in the background.

>Spain-My profound love for espanol, is attracting like a magnet. Moreover, I have heard and read so much about the beaches that I want to be soaked up for hours.

>USA- There is no end point in this country. Both North and South America is so huge, like my country this will be a separate topic in itself.

Although, these place above are my dream destinations. I do have recent additions, thanks to my favorite magazines that helped enhancing my bucket list !!

My first official wish list is out!!!

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