Mid Week Thought


Its mid-week of another mid year. Here in India, monsoon is almost arrived, with evening showers. Getting a good view sitting at my balcony in the second floor, where I oversee a big ground, surrounded by buildings is routine. But, when magic in form of rain happens, the place turns beautiful.

As the nature’s showers begin; Sun goes dim and clouds turn grey, I make sure to have a steaming cup of tea, whilst letting the little droplets touch my feet. Most of the times my little one joins me with his mug of milk, sharing a seat on fluffy multi-colored bean bag. Together, we think a lot of nature’s wonder chatting normal stuff. Aah, I am happy to stand and stare.

Here, is a picture of a bunch of flowers with a distinctive mix, that I got glimpse off. At local market in Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai; White, Yellow and Violet are commonly found from the same variety. I specially loved the Green, for I rarely recollect sighting a flower with this colors. Awaiting more such nature’s surprises!!!

Wishing a blooming week ahead!!



@Batu Caves, Malaysia.


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