Foggy View-Nandi Hills

How many of us are perfectionist and how perfect is an individual? Is there a way one could measure? I suppose not yet, at the least for character of an individual. And then comes personal issues with non-perfect people, even when it is not quantifiable in general. But what about nature? Is it perfect? I know, its not.

I saw these imperfections created by mountains, rivers, volcano’s, rain, and many more. All these only made our earth beautiful. Its what we see past the imperfections and I am loving them.

Here is a beauty I captured, where I wished to get lost one early morning, running away from the smoky city center.


A view of Nandi Hills


The stretching hills


Swaying coconut trees……..welcoming visitors


Moss covering the fort wall


The settled white flower amidst a green surrounding


Standing out spreading its branches to embrace the droplets from above


My brother and his lady love….


An unforgettable view…from the restaurant


The regular visitor


Waiting to be showered in Yellow rain


Our morning breakfast with complimentary view


Some happy moments… cherish….


***Nandi Hills is very close to Bangalore, where most bikers race through the fog to the view the best of nature. With a hope to get there soon.yet again…signing off now.

Happy Sunday!!



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