A Sunday Breakfast

An undisturbed Sunday morning after ceaseless shower that nearly brought Bangalore to halt. This was throughout the week, an effect of weather all around the globe. Sun is not fully up there but have ensured to throw ample light for the day to begin. Perched on my couch feeling cosy with my cup of tea, browsing through regular pages and pictures, I found this photograph captured at Goa.


I fell for English breakfast almost a decade ago and my love for it is still on. I treated myself with this breakfast at Goa one early morning in May (Post to follow). A weekend visitor can sometimes get lucky to pamper their taste buds with my breakfast of this kind at home and have additional boiled veggies with a couple of variety of fruits. Whats your breakfast favorite?

Have a lovely Sunday!!!

14 thoughts on “A Sunday Breakfast

  1. Looks like a delicious breakfast. I use to love going out for breakfast. Most people like to go for dinner, but not me, it is breakfast all the way. My favourite is French toast with a light dusting of icing sugar, maybe a slice of bacon (although I only eat turkey bacon now), an egg sunny-side up, and a coffee. Great post, thanks for sharing.

    • Ohh my…let me give you a high five!! I am breakfast person too….I specially look for boiled veggies and tropical fruits..with nuts…. and good variety of fruits. I eat bacon but rarely. I love the breakfast spread anytime…..

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