Dhyanalinga – Isha Yoga Centre -A Spiritual Awakening

In the month of June, travel to Coimbatore came as part of visit to Agr-Intex expo, that exhibited new innovation in agricultural technology. For a commerce graduate in me, it’s a learning and I was not only amazed but intrigued as I learnt about seeds, plants, small and big machinery at various stalls from different Indian states.

The flocking crowd was bent to set an example of their inquisitiveness to innovative methods, nonetheless which tiny village they come from. My country is moving rapidly to a new age and I was feeling proud.

Like I always do, any official trip will compliment with a travel to neighborhood, and this time I wandered off to the famous Aadhiyogi Shiva Statue at Isha Yoga Centre. What fascinated me was the fact that, the tall statue was away from buzzing crowd and the very sight amidst the mountains was possible only until one came close to 2/3 kilometers.

It was a spectacular sight. An unforgettable moment!!!! While I always chose to visit on a less crowded day, I ended up being on an auspicious morning with more than 10000 devotees flocking for their pre-booked rituals. On any normal day, this place more a dhyana centre would witness devotees quietly meditating for hours. The yoga centre largely attracts foreign tourists for meditation who choose relevant plans the centre has to offer, based on number of days, type of meditation and cost. The surroundings with well manicured plants are meticulously kept. I was then provoked to spend some time in the dhyana mandir along with Aarti, my travel buddy for some peace and enlightment.

Isha Yoga Centre can be reached via local buses that ply every hour, which is the cheapest mode of transport from Coimbatore bus station.


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