Free Earth

With the entry of Covid-19 crises, there is panic everywhere around the globe. Countries have come together to fight and sweep this pandemic away, never to return.

Amidst all these…it is noticable that many of us through Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp have been continuously posting about how peaceful our own place has become. Very true…a total change is what each of us are witnessing.

Our Earth is Breathing Free After a Long Time…It Healing!!!

May be this was required for our own humankind for betterment in a way, lest the fact there are numerous lives are lost. Are we learning a lesson? Are we learning to adjust with our dear ones? Are we worried about them being safe? Are we worried about those who are less previlaged and turning to be more humble? In all a slightly if not completely minimalist lifestyle even for the so called rich is what current situation has brought in. Let’s Think and Change for betterment of mankind.

Here is a picture of one of busiest roads in Bangalore city….which was healing.

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