Who Am I


Thank you for your interest in Raastha. I decided to create this space for multiple reasons; To state a few, the primary one to be able to bring a slow change in the way of living. I thought of starting it by spreading simple messages among my friends and to their friends and the list goes on. Secondly, provide basic information to domestic travellers in India for a smooth and fun  filled time. The journey could be spiritual or leisure. Finally, help readers to help themselves live a sustainable life. These are my initial motives, though I am sure the list is likely to change and get upgraded.

Indian by birth and values, I was born in a town at the Southern tip of India, completed my primary, secondary and bachelor’s from  Hyderabad, the city famous for Biryani’s and Pearls, worked in Bangalore surrounded by cool climate & people and then moved to England  to pursue my masters. My interest lies in decorating interiors, travelling and adventure sports. Not too late but found myself interested in cooking and writing. I speak Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada other than English.


Paradise on Earth


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