Sustainable Living

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Ronald Reagan stated that “Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders”.

Here is a new beginning for my limitless search for information. Through my blog, I wish to pass on a message to many of us to save our earth from global warming. The thought was born in late 2011 while I was researching on my dissertation. The topic was Zero Carbon Economies-ever? During my course of research, I could relate my memories in different conversions about the world coming to end.  Ahhh, I understood why, my research threw up enough evidences from different parts of the globe. Global warming, melting glaciers, soil erosions, fewer rainfalls are clear indications by nature. Every article that I read showed ways how money minded the world is growing by passing day and how much effort the world governments are putting to bring an amiable solution to save our earth from destruction. There are so many of us already making individual and collective effort but that’s of little help to even stop further destruction whilst prevention is far thing to happen. I have made a start for information  and intend to show examples from different part of the world on methods used for reducing carbon in atmosphere.

With a hope to begin the change, I stop here for now, to be back soon.



4 thoughts on “Sustainable Living

  1. Years ago someone gave me a small piece of the actual Berlin Wall–a shard that I keep to this day. It remindes me that if one struggles long and hard enough, changes for the better can prevail. All of us must strive to make this world a better, safer, cleaner place for the generations to come. We are only visiting this life…

  2. Thank you for the feedback. It is intersting to know that you are holding on to a piece of history! That’s great! Yes, I am making a tiny attempt to make future safe for the generations to come.

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