Purple & White….the mood transformer?

Its Monday morning..yet another new beginning towards newer goals, be it work or other. How is it that we make every Monday nicer, even though our mind is still in the relaxing mode, waiting to get out off…’Sunday”?

No, we don’t really want that push or do we? Yes to me, from within us and none other. We search for those little thing(subconsciously) around us that pep up and get going. For me, colors did that job. I stay awake to life in colors, be it markets, shopping,  food, travel or anything.

So here is one of its kind…….a little arrangement at my workplace.



May the force be with you every Monday for the new beginning.


Love, Vannie

Swaying my body for benefit

The benefit of exercise is something that I waiting to see. If you have not guessed,  then let me tell. The thought of going to workout and gain a bit of stamina suddenly cropped; though it did make circles for a while in my head. But now that I have started, the feeling is so amazing that, I am impressed by myself ( I need a good pat). What is motivating is the people to encourage me; no I haven’t made friends yet. Its the dedication and willingness to have a healthy body from my surrounding is very welcoming. The result is evident. A stronger feeling is in here, out and within.


But, what I enjoy the most is the music, that force to shake my leg and push me to do that extra bit. Believe me, its just about 20 days. What about those who have been sweating it out for long? How good they must be feeling? I felt the calmness within to tackle bigger situations.


Post work out, I take a short ride back home. What was different in my usual path , was the lighter moment when the slow wind came by to brush my cheeks gently. I nearly closed my eyes….oops… I did not forget its the middle of the road and no dreamland. In a true sense, rediscovering the word “rejuvenate” was wonderful and harnessing this very moment  everyday is truly blissful.

Let there be bliss in each of our lives.

Loads of  love,





Foggy View-Nandi Hills

How many of us are perfectionist and how perfect is an individual? Is there a way one could measure? I suppose not yet, at the least for character of an individual. And then comes personal issues with non-perfect people, even when it is not quantifiable in general. But what about nature? Is it perfect? I know, its not.

I saw these imperfections created by mountains, rivers, volcano’s, rain, and many more. All these only made our earth beautiful. Its what we see past the imperfections and I am loving them.

Here is a beauty I captured, where I wished to get lost one early morning, running away from the smoky city center.


A view of Nandi Hills


The stretching hills


Swaying coconut trees……..welcoming visitors


Moss covering the fort wall


The settled white flower amidst a green surrounding


Standing out spreading its branches to embrace the droplets from above


My brother and his lady love….


An unforgettable view…from the restaurant


The regular visitor


Waiting to be showered in Yellow rain


Our morning breakfast with complimentary view


Some happy moments…..to cherish….


***Nandi Hills is very close to Bangalore, where most bikers race through the fog to the view the best of nature. With a hope to get there soon.yet again…signing off now.

Happy Sunday!!



Happy Birthday Neel, celebrating 9 years of joy!!

I wish I can hold back time sometime soon. This is just an attempt. For moms, kids grow fast and by the time we realize where they reached, it’s just memories we hold to cherish each of those moments. I make many attempts to capture such acts of my angel, for he is truly special. Beginning his early years, through photo or words, it is important to tell him (in future) how he was or what he did and I am sure, we heard many such acts of ours from parents. Nonetheless, today’s technology has helped us in doing so better than what we had/have. Many “mothers” are in the process, despite their schedules.


The birthday cake


From the initial years…..

Here is another occasion, to hold on to. Neel turned 9 this November 11th. We had a quiet party with few friends of his and family. Like every mother, I too could not hold on to my happiness seeing him smiling throughout. The best part was, when he thanked me for the party and told “the entire arrangement was his gift”. It was bit of a surprise, as I did not expect it from him. I realized he growing faster than I expected……..


Up for the pose



The party attire


Food for Thought-KL part 2

Hola folks,

Here is the second and last part of my food compilation from KualaLumpur. Hope you equally enjoy this, as you did it in, part 1.



Coconut Ice-cream. A street affair- must try.


Fish & Chips with mayo for my kiddo


Grilled chicken, mashed potato & brocolli


A Thai affair-Cashew chicken


Thai cold tea


Mango coconut ribbon @ Timesquare


Mango coconut pandan jelly



Lamb chop, grilled chicken, mash potato & brocolli


My kiddo’s pizza


The mayo dip


@ KL airport


Let me know what you think of it. Happy week ahead!!