A colorshow @ Lalbagh flowershow

My second post in just about 24hrs..well this is because I have parked my pictures and have been procrastinating for a while, giving myself excuses. It’s today I put a list of to dos…and here I am….with the photos from the horticulture show held at Lalbagh gardens. Thanks to Aarti, who invited me to this event.

The sight was amazing, not because it was spread of flowers but the work out of them.

























Hope you enjoyed the sight!!




An affair with “Kannada” food

Hola folks!

Living in Bangalore will turn anyone out into a foodie, for the kind of cosmopolitan culture, the place grew up to be one ever since I have known. The surge in IT parks are the sole reasons behind this change. As a matter of fact, the inflow of non-locals to the city were higher. Especially from neighboring states. Nonetheless, a good chunk of people from North and East have shown their presence. This apparently pushed for more food joints in varied sizes to suit all classes. Amidst these, the local flavor seem to be lost. Few names that float are MTR & Vidhyarthi bhavan. Though Sukh Sagar, Krishna Sagar, Shiv Sagar, Uttam Sagar and many other sagar’s are native, they do not truly serve authentic dishes.

In my opinion, one can savor local cuisines at occasions, be it marriages or festivals. I am sharing pictures from one such opportunity, at a friends wedding and truly relished. Specially the “Raagi Muddhe”, which I am not a big fan of.



Biryani in earthen pot, served real hot


Neer Dosa with Peas curry


Sprouts & Papad


Soup, Pickle, A fried item are other dishes that accompany



An incidental summer drench

Amidst rising temperatures that sent heat waves, shower is a boon. Last couple of days the Bangalore clouds have been dark and the selfish me did pray for a little rain not more, for I was fine to race through 25 kilometers in the drizzle.

It seemed like the Sun God proved stronger and pushed the rain away for nearly a week. But the case was not same today. As I winded up and saw the clouds following me, I knew it was time to race through like others.  By the time I reached closer to Koramangala, it was not just the drizzle; So decided to stop by a famous kachori joint that served North Indian delicacies and treat myself while trying for the Sun to come up.  As I neared this joint, completely soaked and looking for a place to park my active, the sight of people running for shelter at the joint, was a bit chaotic. The joint is housed by the main road. So, I spotted a corner, that would give access to the main road, right in front of the eatery, where a geared vehicle was parked. I knew I had to park right next to it, slightly kissing the vehicle keeping in mind the limited space. As my activa squeezed in a hurry to be able to rush, I hit the vehicle down right in front of watchers “all men”.

I did not get any help! With no second thought, I quickly parked my bike, left my belonging in the shelter and rushed back to the spot to pick up the vehicle that was in a position not easy to lift. As these men watched, I lifted the vehicle with not much difficulty, with a man rushing to give me a hand in the last few seconds. All of these in the pouring rain. I saw the eyes were on me!!! I felt proud and sure that many in the crowd felt ashamed for not comming forward to help.

Thanks to my new found riding passion that I lifted the vehicle with ease. Today I felt happy for not being assisted……..




Bangalore’s misty mornings

Summer’s approaching, rather its almost there. But many among us are in the centrally conditioned weather that does not let us experience fast approaching summer. Yet, just about a corner one can feel a cool atmosphere. Nandi hills a bikers paradise has the clouds touching the grounds early hours. Come summer, the crowd all driven up hill for an early morning drive.

Well, I couldn’t stop bringing back my memory from up hills. For, the weather was pleasant since last two days. Driving to office, I welcomed the breeze that kissed my cheeks. How I wished this weather stayed a little longer before being engulfed by the Sun.



Pachai Pattani Sundal /Green Peas Sundal (No Onion No Garlic Recipe)

A simple dish


Hello Peeps!!!

Hope you are back to your healthy routine.Well this week our theme for 74th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop is #Peas.My Contribution for the theme is simple,healthy and yummy Green Peas Sundal.The dish can be made within 15 mins.Sundal is a dry legume or lentil prepared using fresh Coconut.Mix it with Yogurt and serve it as Raita or mix it with Rice and serve as fried rice.You can just eat it as a snack as well.

Green peas are one of the most nutritious leguminous vegetable rich in health benefiting phyto-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.They are low in calories too.Garden peas are packed with several vital vitamins like folic acid, vitamin-C, and Vitamin-K.This is abundantly found in winters.Many excotic dishes can be cooked using fresh green peas ranging from Salads to curries.

Recipe for Pachai Pattani Sundal / Green Peas Sundal :


1 Cup Fresh green peas

1 Cup Fresh…

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Brand New Hope-A self appraisal

Happy New Year!!!

I welcome another year quietly, unlike my previous one yet with the same hope, motivation and prayer for a better life for others and me.


Sunset–Picture taken at Hanuman Garhi near Nainital, Uttarakhand.

What I learnt?

From Family & Friends-This year in particular had the most challenging phase, where I knew the real people in my life and the so called “real artificial ones”, whom I thought to be real. I thank those who gave me difficult time, for, I wouldn’t realized the true ones in my life.

From Fellow Blogger-Lots of new stories, their passion, better way of writing, new places, how few of them fought hard and  are self motivated to overcome harder times.

From Travel Experiences-I saw many opportunities, paths with dust yet a simpler life, carefree living with no dirt within, holy shrines where thousands flocked for blessing, learnt new stories that the book never taught and added few more places I wish to visit.

What I Wish To Do?

Learn to tackle people better, overcome situation by avoiding them, learn from experience, plan more carefully on my finances, do little trips that fit my budget, take my parents on a vacation, spend more time with my son and many more unplanned.

The most important thing will be to accept life and its lessons while trying to embrace them.

Hoping each one of us have a happier and healthier days ahead while trying to cross each others path more frequently.