7 years of blogging


It’s already 7 years that I have been writing. Feel so good. The number of posts have been gradually increasing. However, in comparison to many wonderful bloggers whom I follow and many others whom I don’t, lot more can be done. I am constantly learning to better my skills, whether it is writing or placing quality pictures. There is an unceasing push within.

To the rest of you out there, thank you for teaching me through your words, pictures and knowledge; whether it is travel, cookery, poetry, parenting or any other story. I have come across fantabulous content. Kudos la gente!

Wish me luck guys☺️ A big thank you and a hug for your support.

Loads of love,



Dear Friends,

Namaste!! Its a proud moment for me today. I completed good 3 years with wordpress and hoping to write more by exploring further. I am celebrating this journey with confidence and feeling motivated. Thank you dear friends for the support.

Like this flow of water, I wish to continue my journey!

Like this flow of water, I wish to continue my journey!