Mid Week Thought


Its mid-week of another mid year. Here in India, monsoon is almost arrived, with evening showers. Getting a good view sitting at my balcony in the second floor, where I oversee a big ground, surrounded by buildings is routine. But, when magic in form of rain happens, the place turns beautiful.

As the nature’s showers begin; Sun goes dim and clouds turn grey, I make sure to have a steaming cup of tea, whilst letting the little droplets touch my feet. Most of the times my little one joins me with his mug of milk, sharing a seat on fluffy multi-colored bean bag. Together, we think a lot of nature’s wonder chatting normal stuff. Aah, I am happy to stand and stare.

Here, is a picture of a bunch of flowers with a distinctive mix, that I got glimpse off. At local market in Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai; White, Yellow and Violet are commonly found from the same variety. I specially loved the Green, for I rarely recollect sighting a flower with this colors. Awaiting more such nature’s surprises!!!

Wishing a blooming week ahead!!



@Batu Caves, Malaysia.


Lost in Crowd

Each one of us get lost in the crowd mentally or physically and wish to be in solitude. Not to mention the reasons, each one of us have our own. We then begin searching for something not knowing what is “the” thing, until we find it. I literally lost myself desperately wanting a break. I did plan one quickly. Here is one the pictures fro m recent holiday. Standing in my hotel room and gazing over the blue water touching the sky was simply marvelous.


Isle of Wight – The last Part

Hello Friends,

After really long, unlike most of you who are super good in writing and posting amazing stuff, which I will be down the lane; Here’s my last piece on Isle of wight. For those who have seen my earlier post and pics the intention of me splitting this portion to parts should have been clear. Yet, for those who are here for the first time…..let me tell you…i am madly and deeply in love with this place. Like one of my friend who said it….by writing I am rewinding my memories to be retold to many, specially to my children and great grandchildren of my wonderful little experience at a later point.

Now, here are few really really “sweet” pictures from my life………