The year gone by.

Another year nearing the end and a fresh new year is about to begin with new hopes. While trying to look back, the year that went by had lots of memories both good and bad that were lessons for life.   What else can I say about the challenges faced and how best to keep reminding them in future years? So I thought before December ends, I ought to collect the bits of all the good things and put it in writing. While I decided to do this, I was wondering why I never wrote in my past. I do regret it, nevertheless I am happy to have made the start now and hoping I will keep this practice of recollecting sweet memories. Fine, let me stop thinking of future years and start of with my experiences and memories of 2012.

Writing about 2012 will automatically remind me of 2011 for they are both linked. Linked….interconnected…..uuhhh.  Beginning 2012 onwards I was in Luton, pursuing my masters since feb 2011. It was that period I started writing about my interest. This period of mixed feelings of being far from family and enjoying a single life had its own intrinsic worth and demerits. But I agree to immense learning’s from real life experiences that I would have missed, had I not come to England. Early 2012, I was busy making plans to visit India after being away for nearly a year. Simultaneously, I was preparing for my final exams to graduate in March. So it was a tough period. Gradually, I finished with my exams and boarded flight to India in Feb 2012. This was a surprise visit for rest others, my hubby and brother (these are the two people who has to know everything I am doing). I took the Gulf Airways via The Kingdom of Bahrain to Mumbai. The day I left temperature dropped to zero degrees. That day was unforgettable for another reason too.  I was along with another friend who was giving me company in the same flight. We were finally at Luton Galaxy Centre from where we were supposed to board National Express (coach service to Heathrow). Busy chatting with other friends who came to drop, little did I realize that the time of boarding had already passed. Though we planned to get to the airport much early than normal (which I usually do most of the time), I was sure something went wrong as the coach did not come for a long time. We phoned the helpline, only to find out that the bus we were supposed to board was from Luton rail station and not from Galaxy Centre. It was out of mistake that we did not go through the e-ticket till the last page.  It was a lesson indeed. I was all concerned about the money I was losing but thankfully I was able to convince the executive over phone and managed to get most of the money back with very little amount being deducted.  I thanked her and apologized for carelessness.

The next thing we did was to immediately hire a taxi. So we decided to bargain with local taxi drivers and finally managed to get one. I was not too worried about reaching Heathrow, as there was ample time for boarding. After waiting at terminal 4 for few hours it was time for check in that went smoothly without any hassle. I was busy window shopping in the time left before boarding the flight. Within minutes, I went into deep slumber, after a tiring journey to the airport. The airhostess was kind enough to wake me for lunch that was sufficient to fill my tummy for the next few hours. Between, I managed to grab a cup of tea while watching a bollywood movie. The halt in Bahrain was not too long. So, I quickly ran through all the shop to pick a souvenir for my little one. I got a mini red baseball. I loved the array of variety of nuts but made my mind not to buy it this time.

The flight to Bombay was long as I was anxious to meet my hubby after a year.  Not too soon to my expectation and anxiety, we caught up at a friend’s place in Pune as decided. All my anxiety was gone…I did not react seeing him. It was strange but true. I felt I was meeting someone I knew but not too close. Probably our friends were around. It took a while to get normal. I still guess why? I have no answer. In fact, he asked me why I behaved differently. We spend a day in Pune before boarding the train to Hyderabad. I was super excited to meet my little one. That’s all I wanted and nothing else. He was surprised to see me, as I did not let him know of my plan. We went out had lots of time together before I got back. My four weeks of stay mostly went in travelling to Chennai and Bangalore. Other than spending time with my son and parents, I really enjoyed the breakfast at hotel ibis in Pune. The time was precious. I did want to get back but that was the only option left.

Post my return it was time for graduation which I was excited and waiting. My graduation ceremony was on 30th March 2012. I did necessary shopping and made all arrangements. On the big day I was out with my friends but a little nervous too due to excitement. It all went smoothly and later I clicked lots of pictures with friends. The next important thing was to apply was post study work visa. I did not know that my hard time was just about to begin. It was not easy deciding to go for post study work visa, which I sometimes feel was not necessary though I did get one at last. This was because the process took really long than usual. Normally, the entire process would take about a month and a half, but this year it took five months and two important reasons caused the delay. The increasing number of applicants due change in visa regulation and the other being,  2012 Olympic games to be held in London.  I was getting impatient and at times thought of withdrawing my application. So to keep my mind off this waiting period, I went partying to the local pub and to friend’s house. It was almost when I was about to break out, Vicky gave me the good news of my visa that was due to be delivered in a couple of day. Without wasting time I booked my tickets and went shopping for family. I did not worry about packing as I was almost done. Finally, it was “the” day of my travel and my dearest friends came to send me off. I was excited at the same time a little emotional. Of all the people I met, few were and always will remain close to my heart. My close friends include Vicky and Mythili. These two people were my support emotionally and I am lucky to say I have such nice friends. It’s not just them there are others too. Between I can admit a fact that I did learn some valuable lessons that people around me taught.

Upon my arrival I got busy with my son while simultaneously searching for job. But the most exciting thing was joining Spanish course. Learning different languages was always my passion. So now I am keeping myself busy with that too. Almost towards the end of 2012, with no resolutions to made to break, I am now stopping.

Happy New Year Folks and Happy Reading!!!!!