Local festivities @ Bangalore

Upon an invitation from a friend, I had the privilege to witness local festivity, that is an annual affair. A grand pooja is performed at the temple and a procession is carried out in the center of city for 3 days. Families prepare themselves to please the God in numerous ways. Usually, a silver or steel vessel is decorated with flowers and lamp made of rice flour or jaggery is placed inside them. Both married and unmarried women place this vessel over their head and walk for about 3 kms till the temple premises before making an offering. The whole event is accompanied by music, dance and other road shows where artisans showcase past traditions in various forms.


artisans @ Performance


Goddess – decorated for the occasion


The procession

2017 in Pictures & Words

A moderately nice year, yet a very memorable one is leaving me with new hopes and goals, not to forget the learning importantly. Here are some of the memories in pictures, before that a couple of lessons that I learnt.

1>Allow your self time in solitude, to be able to think before deciding anything crucial

2>Be thankful to all those who have been through your tough time and do not go behind people who don’t value/ respect you

3>Travel as much as you can to learn “life lessons” and read more books

4>Be assertive in making your point without hurting

5>Spend more time talking to kids and motivate them

6>Explain children the need to do charity, it makes them compassionate

7>Plan your spending wisely instead of competing with others

8>Give time to your parents and cook what they like

9>Wear your smile always, even in situations that make you irritated

10>Control your anger (phew…toughest one for me)


Here are some of the most memorable captures!!!!


My first ride with India Bull Riders


Feast @ housewarming… Preparations by RamLaxman Caterers Bangalore


Diwali @ home


One memorable ride to Barachukki falls


Epic picture @ Worli Sea Link


Kulfi time early morning @ Mumbai


@ Raastha cafe with bold girls 🙂


Neel @ Tiruvanamalai Temple

Hoping to create new and lasting memories in the forthcoming year!!!

Wishing each of you A Very Happy New Year-2018


Loads of love,