A Sunday Breakfast

An undisturbed Sunday morning after ceaseless shower that nearly brought Bangalore to halt. This was throughout the week, an effect of weather all around the globe. Sun is not fully up there but have ensured to throw ample light for the day to begin. Perched on my couch feeling cosy with my cup of tea, browsing through regular pages and pictures, I found this photograph captured at Goa.


I fell for English breakfast almost a decade ago and my love for it is still on. I treated myself with this breakfast at Goa one early morning in May (Post to follow). A weekend visitor can sometimes get lucky to pamper their taste buds with my breakfast of this kind at home and have additional boiled veggies with a couple of variety of fruits. Whats your breakfast favorite?

Have a lovely Sunday!!!

An incidental summer drench

Amidst rising temperatures that sent heat waves, shower is a boon. Last couple of days the Bangalore clouds have been dark and the selfish me did pray for a little rain not more, for I was fine to race through 25 kilometers in the drizzle.

It seemed like the Sun God proved stronger and pushed the rain away for nearly a week. But the case was not same today. As I winded up and saw the clouds following me, I knew it was time to race through like others.  By the time I reached closer to Koramangala, it was not just the drizzle; So decided to stop by a famous kachori joint that served North Indian delicacies and treat myself while trying for the Sun to come up.  As I neared this joint, completely soaked and looking for a place to park my active, the sight of people running for shelter at the joint, was a bit chaotic. The joint is housed by the main road. So, I spotted a corner, that would give access to the main road, right in front of the eatery, where a geared vehicle was parked. I knew I had to park right next to it, slightly kissing the vehicle keeping in mind the limited space. As my activa squeezed in a hurry to be able to rush, I hit the vehicle down right in front of watchers “all men”.

I did not get any help! With no second thought, I quickly parked my bike, left my belonging in the shelter and rushed back to the spot to pick up the vehicle that was in a position not easy to lift. As these men watched, I lifted the vehicle with not much difficulty, with a man rushing to give me a hand in the last few seconds. All of these in the pouring rain. I saw the eyes were on me!!! I felt proud and sure that many in the crowd felt ashamed for not comming forward to help.

Thanks to my new found riding passion that I lifted the vehicle with ease. Today I felt happy for not being assisted……..




Mid Week Thought


Its mid-week of another mid year. Here in India, monsoon is almost arrived, with evening showers. Getting a good view sitting at my balcony in the second floor, where I oversee a big ground, surrounded by buildings is routine. But, when magic in form of rain happens, the place turns beautiful.

As the nature’s showers begin; Sun goes dim and clouds turn grey, I make sure to have a steaming cup of tea, whilst letting the little droplets touch my feet. Most of the times my little one joins me with his mug of milk, sharing a seat on fluffy multi-colored bean bag. Together, we think a lot of nature’s wonder chatting normal stuff. Aah, I am happy to stand and stare.

Here, is a picture of a bunch of flowers with a distinctive mix, that I got glimpse off. At local market in Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai; White, Yellow and Violet are commonly found from the same variety. I specially loved the Green, for I rarely recollect sighting a flower with this colors. Awaiting more such nature’s surprises!!!

Wishing a blooming week ahead!!



@Batu Caves, Malaysia.


Rain in India—The good and the bad.

It was raining everywhere in India. These rains in July to September are continuous that brought relief for many and concern for many more. I am told and aware that last couple of years, the country did witness very little rain hampering the productivity of food grains. This year rain seems to bring huge relief for farmers, who were offering prayers to the “Rain God”. History books and mythological soaps have showcased enough evidence of sages and kings in earlier days performing “yagna” to please rain God. In my city, the downpour still continues in lighter form and I firmly believe that these prayers have been answered. For me, who is full time house wife and mother, the rain is indeed a boon as sufficient water in the close by reservoir reduces the power crises. Additionally, the weather leaves me with a mood that kept me humming some famous numbers of Hindi and Malayalam songs, in my cozy bedroom. The plants needed less attention and were growing fast in my apartment. I am also a volunteer for an environmental protection association, where plants are distributed free to thousands in the city. During my last visit to the nursery, I was told that only continuous rain did help about hundreds of sampling that included Jack fruit, Neem, Gooseberry, Almond  and few other varieties. No wonder the very sight as I entered the nursery was a treat to my eyes. It was a lot of hard work for a few people that would have gone waste without rains. Well, I guess I am getting off the “rains”.  So here were some of the good things about rains, but what about the not so nice things????



Rains did not end up giving good news or respite all over the country, as many lives were lost in the northern and southern states of the country. I am sure few of you must have come across these reports. Uttarakahand, a state in India was the worst affected. The capital was also not spared. Though Delhi does dominate reports during monsoon for water clogging in most parts, disaster in Uttarakhand defeated Delhi during most days of June. This place is eminent for copious temples and pilgrims flock every year. Heavy rain caused land slides. Building collapsed, water swept almost everything possible, roads were cut off. News papers were flooded with loss of lives and property. Blogs that I read stated selfishness among locals wanting to misuse scarcity of goods to make profit, traveler being robbed, politicians playing their usual role in taking advantage of the situation and army personnel doing their duty in evacuating process. These reports kept coming to and forth. The whole incident was heart melting. My question were – why did God not show mercy on so many people or why did many selfish money-minded build illegal business in flood prone area and why is it that we are still unable to help ourselves and other despite advanced technologies? To these I guess I knew the answers but how many like me could can create a moment of change. Similar questions under different such circumstance keep me awake hoping I will be the part of a positive change.

Jack Fruit Sampling

Jack Fruit Sampling

Neem Samplings

Neem Sampling

Nursery after rains

Nursery after rains

There will always be two sides to a coin-the one we like and dislike. Pour in your thoughts.