A Sunday Breakfast

An undisturbed Sunday morning after ceaseless shower that nearly brought Bangalore to halt. This was throughout the week, an effect of weather all around the globe. Sun is not fully up there but have ensured to throw ample light for the day to begin. Perched on my couch feeling cosy with my cup of tea, browsing through regular pages and pictures, I found this photograph captured at Goa.


I fell for English breakfast almost a decade ago and my love for it is still on. I treated myself with this breakfast at Goa one early morning in May (Post to follow). A weekend visitor can sometimes get lucky to pamper their taste buds with my breakfast of this kind at home and have additional boiled veggies with a couple of variety of fruits. Whats your breakfast favorite?

Have a lovely Sunday!!!

A Fishy Sunday

An imbibed tradition for most people in Indian household is to cook non-vegetarian dish, specially on Sunday. When I think why only on Sunday’s? I suppose I got the answer now, when I am working. Preparing something we like with some additional time is more joyous rather in hurry. More importantly when family or relatives are around slow perfect cooking is the only option.

As a child, I remembered eagerly waiting for Sunday , not because I didn’t attend school or had extra time playing with my brother in our little garden. But, waited to have something special than usual. It would mostly be chicken curry or fish curry or fish fry or sometimes lamb stew. Since, my mother is from coastal part of South India, fish was more often cooked over others. My mother is an expert in fish curry. She told me that she hardly eat veggies as fish was cheaper. I wondered how lucky they were. She bought hand full of Anchovies for 50 paise for which I now end up paying at the least Rs.100. Nevertheless, I am not too fond of it, unless my mother cooks ­čÖé Fried Anchovies go well with any cold drinks.┬áThese days an average family spends a minimum of Rs.500 every Sunday, definitely not a cheaper option. What I hate about cooking fish, is the fact it stinks but can’t do without it.


A portion of rice with fish curry and prawn semi-gravy

So this Sunday, its Fish and Prawns. Hope all you people are having a lovely Sunday!!