What’s your dream?

I have a dream, do you? The answer is yes. All of us have goals to be achieved but very few have realized its presence. Those who have realized it will have or already having sleepless night. I am currently facing that situation. So, what is that you think when you are sleepless? With a goal to make it big (don’t know how) in mind, ideas will start popping, not just one but several. At this stage, deciding which path to choose becomes difficult due to variety of factors, primarily economic, if you are not from a wealthy background. So, there you are jammed, trying to clear the path to nearest and easily attainable one.  However, at this stage, most of us are perplexed not knowing if the chosen path is correct.

What is that one can do to work towards achieving something?

Create a vision! I think each of us should pen down our vision. Have you started, if not hurry up!

Best Wishes,


2 thoughts on “What’s your dream?

  1. Meditation is a good start. Clear the junk and clutter from your brain, best that you can. Prioritize your dreams. Write them down. Choose a path and stick to it. Over time, your passions will change/shift–allow this. Remember to appreciate each and every day as a gift. Throw the monkey off your back as it will reek havoc if you allow it to succeed. We drive our train through life and have the ability to slow down, shut off, or blast ahead at full speed.

    If I lie awake, toss and turn, I simply have a glass of organic milk and off I go to dreamland.

    Good luck in your quest. 😉

    Check out my blog “the thing about clutter” as another action to consider.

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