Food for Thought-KL part 2

Hola folks,

Here is the second and last part of my food compilation from KualaLumpur. Hope you equally enjoy this, as you did it in, part 1.



Coconut Ice-cream. A street affair- must try.


Fish & Chips with mayo for my kiddo


Grilled chicken, mashed potato & brocolli


A Thai affair-Cashew chicken


Thai cold tea


Mango coconut ribbon @ Timesquare


Mango coconut pandan jelly



Lamb chop, grilled chicken, mash potato & brocolli


My kiddo’s pizza


The mayo dip


@ KL airport


Let me know what you think of it. Happy week ahead!!



A Fishy Sunday

An imbibed tradition for most people in Indian household is to cook non-vegetarian dish, specially on Sunday. When I think why only on Sunday’s? I suppose I got the answer now, when I am working. Preparing something we like with some additional time is more joyous rather in hurry. More importantly when family or relatives are around slow perfect cooking is the only option.

As a child, I remembered eagerly waiting for Sunday , not because I didn’t attend school or had extra time playing with my brother in our little garden. But, waited to have something special than usual. It would mostly be chicken curry or fish curry or fish fry or sometimes lamb stew. Since, my mother is from coastal part of South India, fish was more often cooked over others. My mother is an expert in fish curry. She told me that she hardly eat veggies as fish was cheaper. I wondered how lucky they were. She bought hand full of Anchovies for 50 paise for which I now end up paying at the least Rs.100. Nevertheless, I am not too fond of it, unless my mother cooks🙂 Fried Anchovies go well with any cold drinks. These days an average family spends a minimum of Rs.500 every Sunday, definitely not a cheaper option. What I hate about cooking fish, is the fact it stinks but can’t do without it.


A portion of rice with fish curry and prawn semi-gravy

So this Sunday, its Fish and Prawns. Hope all you people are having a lovely Sunday!!


Food for Thought-My KL Experience-Part 1

I don’t call back dreaming about food, for at least a year. Yet, cant withhold the fact about me being a big fan of gastronomy tourism, for I do not leave an opportunity to give a tickle to my taste buds should such possibility arise.

The best thing about travel is to try out local authentic food, which is cheaper than commonly available food. Well, it is the case everywhere. Locally famous cuisine plays crucial role is enriching one’s journey though sense experience. Here are some pictures from my recent travel to KL. I agree that the locals flavors weren’t much in here, yet I managed to dig into many others amazing stuff that left me with the thought of getting back.



Ice Cream at the Times Square



Tom Yum Soup @ Thai Joint


Steaming Cup of Coffee @ Time Sqaure


A new trial that went wrong…..healthy option


Back to China



Pizza offer @ Capricciosa, Royal pavilion, Bukit Bintang. One of the finest resturant …recommend a try


Aahh…A south Indian affair…..Masala Dosa….with coconut, ginger and mint chutney along with sambhar


My kiddos meal…


An evening affair with Garlic bread and noddles topped with mussels & squid


One of the best, Butter Garlic Prawns


Hummus….worth the ringget🙂



Pita bread with mayo and chips…..


Arabic tea with dates….a must try….just love it!!


Dedicated to all foodies!!!





Wedding Crashers

What’s life without “good embarrassments”? Well, I bet each of us have had our own experiences and many of them turn out to be good memories. In my opinion, its good to encounter such situations, despite not being created intentionally.

I spoke to a good friend of mine,  after a month and she had something that we could laugh about for a while. It seems, that they went for a wedding last Sunday; With all the required preparation(getting traditionally dressed and racing off  Bangalore traffic), they landed at the venue that hosted two weddings on the same day. Unsure, where to go, they decided to ask the security guard. Much to their surprise, a Hindu and Muslim wedding were held, rather than a Christian wedding, where they intended to go. To their dismay, it was found that the wedding was held on Saturday. A day late!!!! Happens !!!! But, trust me she is gonna remember this for the rest of life. Its sweet, isn’t it!!

This reminded me another incident. My dad is an easy going person and he is now 64 years, yet is fun to hang around for any age group. He is a gem, I say. His close friend is Prasad uncle, who is equally fun loving.  Since, both friends stay almost about 20 kilometers far, they make it a point to speak frequently and visit atleast twice or thrice a month. Each time they met up, something naughty was up their sleeve, even at this age. Once such incident was when they decided to crash a wedding held at Trivandrum (caution-its not what they practice, but for fun). As they were well dressed, they decided to choose a venue, which seemed to be hosted by someone well to do. It was not hard, as the venue itself speaks about financial capacity. After having chosen one, they made sure to go around greet people (none would know them whom they represent). Then comes the best part, food!! Had sumptuous lunch with 3 payasam (desert) and left with a hearty laugh!!!!

Imagine they did this in their 60’s. How many of us would dare doing this for fun? I believe, that, the only life we are presented should have many such memories.

Have fun people, Have a lovely weekend!!










What is freedom to us?

Well, each one has a different perspective depending on situations. Yet, the understanding drills down to the fact that one in enjoying the good or bad, without actually measuring. I look up to these tiny Fishes that keeps swimming to entertain, knowing no threat from their world outside. Do I really call this freedom? May a sense it is peace within…….




My Cycle Days

I was reminded of my cycle days a couple of days before, when my son
first took his bicycle on to the main road(at Bangalore), all excited
to show off his friends at the badminton coaching center. He will turn
9 this November and did not have the permission to ride his bike
except in the little lanes (at Hyderabad). Its a Red one, that could
easily attract. It was difficult to contain his happiness while riding.

During my school days, beginning 8th standard, I drove to school in
my bicycle, which was painted in Maroon with a thread of silver
lining, that was presented by a family friend of ours. I was not
alone, other girls from the colony few, a year older to me and few
others of my age. Those were one of best days. I remember riding
through the cantonement area, passing by neatly manicured lawns
and bushes, park for children, a couple of up and down slopes.
Sometimes singing, sometimes chatting while holding hands in pairs,
trying to race off to be on time.

Aah…my memorable days…that will never return.

Each of us do treasure such wonderful thought deep inside. Do share,
for, I am happy to listen to such stories.



Here is  picture of his Red Ferrari🙂

Wising more of sweet flashbacks…..See you soon.





Back to School

Recently old school friends managed to catch up after months of procrastination (busy working moms) on whatsapp. The excitement is evident in the picture, for we had one of the best childhood days. Eating, drinking, chatting  and selfie is all we did in the 3 hours time, which passed like seconds!!! Hoping more of these time in everyone’s life’s…..Happy Friendships Day!!!


The Hard Rock Moment🙂