My Cycle Days

I was reminded of my cycle days a couple of days before, when my son
first took his bicycle on to the main road(at Bangalore), all excited
to show off his friends at the badminton coaching center. He will turn
9 this November and did not have the permission to ride his bike
except in the little lanes (at Hyderabad). Its a Red one, that could
easily attract. It was difficult to contain his happiness while riding.

During my school days, beginning 8th standard, I drove to school in
my bicycle, which was painted in Maroon with a thread of silver
lining, that was presented by a family friend of ours. I was not
alone, other girls from the colony few, a year older to me and few
others of my age. Those were one of best days. I remember riding
through the cantonement area, passing by neatly manicured lawns
and bushes, park for children, a couple of up and down slopes.
Sometimes singing, sometimes chatting while holding hands in pairs,
trying to race off to be on time.

Aah…my memorable days…that will never return.

Each of us do treasure such wonderful thought deep inside. Do share,
for, I am happy to listen to such stories.



Here is  picture of his Red Ferrari🙂

Wising more of sweet flashbacks…..See you soon.





Back to School

Recently old school friends managed to catch up after months of procrastination (busy working moms) on whatsapp. The excitement is evident in the picture, for we had one of the best childhood days. Eating, drinking, chatting  and selfie is all we did in the 3 hours time, which passed like seconds!!! Hoping more of these time in everyone’s life’s…..Happy Friendships Day!!!


The Hard Rock Moment🙂

A Perfect Mixture

A balanced diet is today’s word, everyone want to say. Though junk is still the preference due to taste, the switch over has been initiated by many owing to numerous factors.

The picture of cut fruits, at a stall in Sungei Wang plaza, Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lampur  was indeed catchy. I saw many shoppers simply pick a colorful mixture that satisfied their taste buds. This was common food among shoppers in the mall, for it was not only healthy but quick to munch. I picked one too, though all of were not familiar to me. I enjoyed the tangy taste that dominated. Worth the try!!



Wishing a good health!!!



Mid Week Thought


Its mid-week of another mid year. Here in India, monsoon is almost arrived, with evening showers. Getting a good view sitting at my balcony in the second floor, where I oversee a big ground, surrounded by buildings is routine. But, when magic in form of rain happens, the place turns beautiful.

As the nature’s showers begin; Sun goes dim and clouds turn grey, I make sure to have a steaming cup of tea, whilst letting the little droplets touch my feet. Most of the times my little one joins me with his mug of milk, sharing a seat on fluffy multi-colored bean bag. Together, we think a lot of nature’s wonder chatting normal stuff. Aah, I am happy to stand and stare.

Here, is a picture of a bunch of flowers with a distinctive mix, that I got glimpse off. At local market in Bangalore/Hyderabad/Chennai; White, Yellow and Violet are commonly found from the same variety. I specially loved the Green, for I rarely recollect sighting a flower with this colors. Awaiting more such nature’s surprises!!!

Wishing a blooming week ahead!!



@Batu Caves, Malaysia.


Morning Prayer

Every morning I wake up with a prayer for the day to be good like most of us do. For, it is
the source of power to breath. Through the energy that is plugged in, each day passes encountering various activities, be it happiness, sorrow, excitement or anger.
These feeble attempts are surely a blessing in a form today or later despite the daily challenge one stumble upon.

Wishing a positive and happy day!!










These beautifully tied up white flowers with few dashes of Blue and Violet were right in front of the temple entrance at Batu Caves, waiting for its turn to be offered to the Lord!!!

With prayers and request for blessing to the almighty….




The Beginning-2016

Hello Dear Readers!

Please accept my wishes for a wonderful year ahead. I begin this year with lots of hope and prayers for the dreams I built in my thought. For this purpose, I am posting a couple of pictures that was clicked at Murudeshwar, Karnataka (detailed post to follow). A holy way to mark my beginning


Shiva Temple By The Sea



Entrance to the temple


Udupi Shree Krishna Matt


Strong Waves by Turtle Bay