By the time one has read this post, it would be clear why I had two posts up my wall.

Each of us have countless memories that make us smile unconsciously. It was one such day for me today. I realized how little acts, makes us smile. I phoned my hubster this morning and told him that I was missing him each minute with those lovely time that we spent together at college kept flashing within my head. Despite the day being arduous, as I went hoping around the government offices for a paper work; I decided to dig into old pictures of ours. Yet again, I was swept off and then I decided to send him a message. No sooner than expected, I received a call. We spoke for a couple of minutes, for he was at work.

So friends, go on, do all that your heart says to cheer up the day. We need that extra bit. Do not see around to be cautious, because it is only how we choose to live will make us happy. Here is a picture with my soul mate I am madly in love with.


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