Brand New Hope-A self appraisal

Happy New Year!!!

I welcome another year quietly, unlike my previous one yet with the same hope, motivation and prayer for a better life for others and me.


Sunset–Picture taken at Hanuman Garhi near Nainital, Uttarakhand.

What I learnt?

From Family & Friends-This year in particular had the most challenging phase, where I knew the real people in my life and the so called “real artificial ones”, whom I thought to be real. I thank those who gave me difficult time, for, I wouldn’t realized the true ones in my life.

From Fellow Blogger-Lots of new stories, their passion, better way of writing, new places, how few of them fought hard and  are self motivated to overcome harder times.

From Travel Experiences-I saw many opportunities, paths with dust yet a simpler life, carefree living with no dirt within, holy shrines where thousands flocked for blessing, learnt new stories that the book never taught and added few more places I wish to visit.

What I Wish To Do?

Learn to tackle people better, overcome situation by avoiding them, learn from experience, plan more carefully on my finances, do little trips that fit my budget, take my parents on a vacation, spend more time with my son and many more unplanned.

The most important thing will be to accept life and its lessons while trying to embrace them.

Hoping each one of us have a happier and healthier days ahead while trying to cross each others path more frequently.









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