An affair with “Kannada” food

Hola folks!

Living in Bangalore will turn anyone out into a foodie, for the kind of cosmopolitan culture, the place grew up to be one ever since I have known. The surge in IT parks are the sole reasons behind this change. As a matter of fact, the inflow of non-locals to the city were higher. Especially from neighboring states. Nonetheless, a good chunk of people from North and East have shown their presence. This apparently pushed for more food joints in varied sizes to suit all classes. Amidst these, the local flavor seem to be lost. Few names that float are MTR & Vidhyarthi bhavan. Though Sukh Sagar, Krishna Sagar, Shiv Sagar, Uttam Sagar and many other sagar’s are native, they do not truly serve authentic dishes.

In my opinion, one can savor local cuisines at occasions, be it marriages or festivals. I am sharing pictures from one such opportunity, at a friends wedding and truly relished. Specially the “Raagi Muddhe”, which I am not a big fan of.



Biryani in earthen pot, served real hot


Neer Dosa with Peas curry


Sprouts & Papad


Soup, Pickle, A fried item are other dishes that accompany



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