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Travelling is one of the must ‘hobbies’ for most people today. An obvious reason behind it marketing of God created natural products that cannot be bought but visited in various corners of the world. Thanks to globalization and increasing diversity that is making a friendly world.

I like exploring new places, meet people from different background and get a bit the local cuisine. More importantly, capture them to add them to my little collection of memories. Unlike famous places in each country which are in light for being a capital city or due to presence of any monument; there are many tiny little things that we miss out or known to very few. In a country with huge population like India, a little known would be enough to gather crowd in few years time and revisiting the same place specially for a private holiday will not be ideal. But, if it a place of worship, then that’s another mini city in making. That does not reduce the list of unexplored places in remote part of the-not-so famous districts, be it a hidden water fall, ruined temple or a beach. My effort is to highlight few such places. Though I love travelling, time has always been a constraint due to personal reasons. Yet, I managed to cover few places in South India that include Kanyaumari, the tip of Indian Sub continent famous for Vivekanada rock memorial located in the Sea, The temple of Goddess Kanyakumari, union of three seas, the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea; Chennai for its beach and mouth watering South India cuisine, Coorg famous for tea plantation and Buddhist monastery, Pondicherry for its beach and cosmopolitan living, Wayanad famous for forest, pepper plantation & water falls; Ooty for hills, tea plantation and romantic weather; Mysore for the famous palace . In the West, the places I visited was Mumbai, Lonavala and Khandala. Most of the places are famous for its own reason and ample amount of info and picture are available freely in the web. However, soon I plan to showcase few places that are not famous but special in its own way.

Being away from home at moment has given little access to my photographs. However, I am going dig them out to upload the best ones that I have.

Until then…take care and thanks for reading. Cheers!

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